Who assures the legal protection of professional drivers?

In recent years, truck drivers and other commercial drivers of heavy vehicles have repeatedly expressed concern about the deterioration of commercial driver safety on the roads. Poor maintenance of winter roads creates challenges and safety risks for heavy goods vehicles, and the behaviour of other road users has become more unpredictable with each passing year. Almost every day we read news about road accidents involving a heavy vehicle.

Professional drivers are classified as experienced road users and the starting point is that a professional driver should be able to anticipate accident and hazard situations. In accidents where there is a ‘word-for-word’ situation, for example, sheet metal damage in lane-changing situations for HCT combinations or in tight roundabouts with a passenger car as the other party, the professional driver is always considered at fault, even though the driver had no opportunity to influence the driver’s wrong choice of the passenger car driver in the situation, which led to the accident.

Since the early 2010s, heavy vehicle drivers have been lighting candles on 1st of December for the innocent victims of fatal accidents, expressing concern about the increase in fatal accidents for “unknown reasons” – where the driver of the heavy vehicle is the completely innocent party in the accident. Even in serious accidents where the other party is a professional driver, it is vital for the recovery and legal protection of the driver that the accident investigation is completed as quickly as possible after the event.

The number of HCT combinations is increasing on roads. HCT combinations have significantly longer overtaking distances and are more vulnerable to variations in weather conditions.

For HCT combinations, the regulation requires cameras with at least 100-degree resolution on both sides of the vehicle and a minimum 7″ screen in the cab. HCT cameras should also record the image as part of the driver’s legal protection with the addition of a front and rear camera.

Professional drivers and heavy vehicles on the roads are the lifeblood of our society. The most important resource and capital of a transport company is between the wheel and the bench.

Every professional driver deserves to have a safety camera system in their vehicle that provides video recordings of both sides of the vehicle, oncoming traffic and the rear of the vehicle in the event of an accident. The HCT camera system can also be connected to the vehicle’s own display and simultaneously to the video recording.

We are pleased to say that during 2021, we have helped our customers in dozens of heavy vehicle accidents with our 360-degree safety camera solutions, ensuring legal protection for drivers and saving transport companies from groundless claims. For the transport company, a security system like this is easy to install on new and existing vehicles at a minimal monthly cost.