Turva360 cloud service

Video material of vehicles on your phone.

The mobile application allows you to view real-time video material from the cameras of vehicles and work machines and browse video recordings up to 800 hours backwards if necessary. You can also see your real-time GPS location through the mobile app.

Download the mobile app from the app store!

For Android, in the Play Store the turva360 app
and for iPhone in the Apple Store as CMSV6. – with a web browser
The Turva360 service can also be used at with a web browser.

The price of the service starts from 9 € / month / vehicle


User support and user guidance

The monthly price of the service includes an unlimited number of user IDs for the cloud service, mobile applications and web IDs for use by all company users, as well as user support and user guidance and maintenance of the service.

Frequently asked questions

The use of the service requires a Katveturva recording system and a SIM card in the vehicle or work machine. Once the recorder system is installed in your vehicle or work machine, you will automatically receive an email with a username and instructions on how to start using the service.

The service can also be introduced in older equipment.

Yes, it is. The Act on Camera Surveillance does not specify in which situations camera surveillance is prohibited or permitted. There must always be sufficient justification for camera surveillance. In vehicles and work machines, sufficient justification for recording an image include, for example, improving occupational safety, improving the legal security of the driver and preventing damage and theft.

Security camera solutions are also in the driver’s best interest. For example, in traffic situations, security camera recordings act as a guarantee of the driver’s legal protection. Our customers have several examples of how the recordings have shown that the driver who was originally accused of an incident has acted completely correctly and the culprit was the counterparty.

The safety camera solution is also security for a driver who works alone. In 2019, a case occurred to a customer where the supervisor tried to reach the driver of the machine after which he noticed via a real-time video connection that the machine was in place and something had happened to the driver. The supervisor hurried to the scene and found the driver who had suffered a seizure.

Recording can be turned off in areas where it is strictly forbidden. In the cabin, the driver has a power switch from which the recording can be stopped.

A privacy policy for camera surveillance is prepared for the camera surveillance. In connection with commissioning, Katveturva will provide the customer with this document during commissioning.

The vehicle and work machine must also have stickers that indicate the use of camera surveillance. Katveturva provides the stickers during installation.