Vehicle safety solutions as a service

Improve safety by building an entity that is suitable for you. You can order more features as your needs increase.

Blind spot cameras →

Blind spot cameras with HD image quality and 36 months warranty for heavy professional use in road transport, ports, factories and construction sites.

Security cameras →

24/7 recording safety camera systems improve driver legal protection in the event of an accident, prevent vandalism and burglary at construction sites, and improve work efficiency and cost savings.

Vehicle and machine importers →

For vehicle and machine importers, we offer HD-quality camera systems equipped with the latest technology as well as a 36-month warranty and a 100% warranty liability, in which case, we handle the troubleshooting and repair work of the camera systems on-site in the event of a fault.

Installation and maintenance →

Our installation and maintenance service also serves customers on-site at construction sites. The starting point of our installation and maintenance service is that the maintenance and installation work of the camera systems is carried out when the vehicle is otherwise stationary. We also serve in the evenings and during weekends.

Turva360 cloud service →

Turva360 is a versatile camera surveillance software that allows the customer to view real-time video from the vehicle and work machinery camera systems and download video recordings when needed. The customer also has an easy-to-use mobile app that can be downloaded from the Android Play Store and Apple iStore.

Leasing →

Our solutions quickly pay themselves back. The equipment can be acquired under a 36-month leasing agreement, in which case the operating costs are divided into smallsinstalments over a longer period. After 36 months, the contract expires automatically and you can redeem the system for a residual value equivalent to 1 month's monthly rent.