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"In one case, our driver was accused of causing damage and we were able to use video recordings to prove that the other party was to blame."

- Petri Pohjanen, Head of Unit, Pohjaset Oy

“I can use the mobile app to track the progress of work even from the swimming platform of my summer cottage. Avoiding just a single claim with the help of the system will pay back the entire investment ”

- Jussi Varsio, Production Manager, Multi Link Terminals, Vuosaari Harbour.

“Turva360 has saved me a lot of time since I can use my phone to check what is going on  at the construction site and the security of the machinery. Tracking work progress has been greatly facilitated with a remote service and easy-to-use application. A good and easy-to-use application that can  effortlessly show the situation of the machine is an unbeatable help in this profession. ”

The cost of obtaining a leasing agreement is very small compared to the benefits  so I have recommended the acquisition of the Katveturva system to all my acquaintances who have equipment and machinery.

– Kaarlo Jussila, CEO, Jussila Group Oy

More references

H24 towing company

Heikki Rantalaiho, the entrepreneur of the H24 towing company, explains how he has benefited from Katveturva's services.

Vähälä Yhtiöt

Katveturva's Katve360 and remote monitoring are used by Vähälä Yhtiöt to improve safety and driver's legal security.

Pohjaset Oy

Petri Pohjanen, Head of Pohjaset Oy's unit, explains how they have benefited from Katveturva's Katve360 system and remote monitoring.

Tampere Region Vocational School Tredu

Tredu uses the service to ensure student safety and as part of assessing student performance. Large cost savings are achieved in receiving degrees through real-time video material from the vehicle.

Multi-Link Terminals Oy

Jussi Varsio, Production Manager at Multi-Link Terminals Oy, explains how they have improved the safety of container handlers operating at the port and how they have achieved cost savings with Katveturva's solution.

Jussila Group Oy

Jussila Group uses the service for the remote work management of work machines, documentation of work stages and video surveillance of machines to prevent vandalism and theft.

Asplund Oy

Increased security for ADR transports. Asplund Oy increases the occupational safety of drivers working alone with real-time video recording as well as increases safety with cameras in reversing situations.