About us

The story of Katveturva

Accidents in blind spots caused by heavy-duty vehicles and work machines, in which the other party has been a pedestrian or light transport, have had a strong impact on the establishment of Katveturva.

The establishment of Katveturva has been strongly influenced by blind spot accidents in factories, ports, construction sites and road traffic in the Nordic countries in the 2010s, during which several hundreds of people have died and been injured.

From the beginning, the starting point of our operations has been to offer our customers high-quality camera and surveillance systems, in addition to installation and maintenance services for the entire life cycle of the system.

Over the years, we have noticed that companies have a genuine will to invest in the safety of vehicles and work machines. Companies also understand that investing in the safety of vehicles and work machines is an important factor in improving employee job satisfaction and comfort, not to mention cost savings.

In just over four years, we have become one of the leading players in the industry in the Nordic countries, but the journey has only just begung. Today, we operate locally in Finland and Denmark and have more than 900 corporate customers in Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

The journey is just beginning and the daily work towards safer work machines, ports, factories, construction sites and public transport continues. One vehicle at a time.