More safety.
Less damage.

We help reduce damage and increase driver safety. Solutions that improve vehicle and driver safety as a service with the best 36-month warranty on the market.

Secure those around you.

A bright and sharp HD image for the driver from a bird’s eye view around vehicles, a blind camera or a warning of obstacles around the radar system improves the safety of those around the vehicle and reduces damage.

Safety for the driver

The most important part of the vehicle is the driver. When the driver is asleep, the camera surveillance system monitors the vehicle's environment. In the event of a road accident, the recordings take care of the driver's legal protection.

Security for vehicles

Our solutions have been proven to reduce damage, and visible camera surveillance prevents theft and vandalism.

Stay up-to-date

Download our mobile app from Google Play or the Apple Store and you will know what's going on. With our mobile application, you can check and confirm the situation of the construction site at any time with real-time video, ensure the safety of a driver working alone, and in the event of an accident, download recordings of construction site or traffic damage, regardless of the vehicle location.


“Turva360 has saved me a lot of time since I can use my phone to check what is going on  at the construction site and the security of the machinery. Tracking work progress has been greatly facilitated with a remote service and easy-to-use application. A good and easy-to-use application that can  effortlessly show the situation of the machine is an unbeatable help in this profession. ”

The cost of obtaining a leasing agreement is very small compared to the benefits  so I have recommended the acquisition of the Katveturva system to all my acquaintances who have equipment and machinery.

– Kaarlo Jussila, CEO, Jussila Group Oy

H24 towing company

Heikki Rantalaiho, the entrepreneur of the H24 towing company, explains how he has benefited from Katveturva's services.

Vähälä Yhtiöt

Katveturva's Katve360 and remote monitoring are used by Vähälä Yhtiöt to improve safety and driver's legal security.

The experience of a delivery truck driver

Katve360 helps in the detection of blind spots in urban and intersection areas.

Pohjaset Oy

Petri Pohjanen, Head of Pohjaset Oy's unit, explains how they have benefited from Katveturva's Katve360 system and remote monitoring.

24/7 supervision to ensure the safety of ADR transports, to monitor during storage, to improve the safety of drivers working alone and to investigate and document incidents.