More safety. Less accidents.


Katveturva in Brief

We help reduce accidents and increase driver safety with radar and camera systems. 

We offer vehicle and driver safety solutions as a service with the best 36-month warranty on the market.

Our solutions

Vehicle safety solutions as a service

Blind spot cameras

Cameras with HD image quality and 36 months warranty for heavy-duty professional use in road traffic, ports, factories and construction sites.

Security cameras

24/7 recording security camera systems improve legal protection for drivers in the event of accidents, prevent vandalism and burglary on construction sites, improve work management and save costs.

Car camera

A car camera that can withstand the conditions in the North. A roof-mounted windscreen camera and luggage compartment surveillance provide the van driver with legal protection and prevent vandalism and theft.


Through the mobile app, you can see real-time video from cameras on vehicles and machinery. Browse back up to 800 hours of video footage if you need to. The mobile app also provides real-time GPS positioning.

Katveturva already has hundreds of satisfied customers all over the Nordic countries!

What our happy customers say

Kaivinkoneurakointi J. Lunki Oy
Kaivinkoneurakointi J. Lunki Oy
Jouni Lunki
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"Katveturva is a really good professional team to prevent these criminal activities, with video surveillance and with their services. I recommend to all other companies."
Pohjaset Oy
Pohjaset Oy
Petri Pohjanen
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"In one case, our driver was accused of causing the damage, and with the help of video footage we were able to prove that the other party was the culprit."
Multi-Link Terminals Oy
Multi-Link Terminals Oy
Jussi Varsio
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"I can use the mobile app to track the progress of work from the dock at my cottage. Avoiding just one claim with the system pays back the whole investment."

See all our solutions

From the very beginning, our core business has been to offer our customers not only high-quality camera and surveillance systems, but also installation and maintenance services for the entire life cycle of the system.

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